Startgear angepasst, Deploy Bike 3

[Q]: Wie funktioniert Deploy Bike?

[A]: Diese Items werden benötigt, danach über das Mausrad platzieren:


1x ScrapMetal
2x Wheel

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3 Gedanken zu “Startgear angepasst, Deploy Bike

  • Kamenkahobo

    I like the bike but I dont like the Mozzie, its too easy to get past a lot of base defences with a mozzie, which once inside you can pack up and no one would ever know you were there.

    • Cilone

      I agree with Kamenka, is better now without the mozzie! 🙂

      Deploying mozzies makes a big advantage in the advanced game for whom has base and many gears (i can build mine go around, steal vehicles and repack mozzie where i want so)… that’s not the purpose of deploying things 😉